January 7, 2022


Hello Target Vendors – 


Throughout 2021, our team has worked directly with our customers, to create a user interface packed with features and functionality. During this time, we have kept the legacy interface running in parallel to ease the transition. 


Beginning February 1st, 2022, the legacy portal interface will no longer be active. Some of you have already made the transition and we thank you for your valuable feedback! For those of you who have not yet logged in to your new portal interface, we ask that you do that now.


Please click the link below for information on how to log in, tutorials, and documentation for the new site: 




Over the coming weeks, we will also be providing you with information on new features as they are implemented as well as tips on using your new interface. We ask that you make yourself familiar with these features and functions as you continue to acquaint yourself with the new interface! 


Thank you for your continued support! 



Crystal Kuczynski 

VP, Customer Success