The Loren Data portal allows Admin users to grant users different role-based access controls. Additionally, Reseller/Partner networks can provide unique portal access to their clients, based on their mailbox. To ensure users have the right access and controls, we have several roles with different access levels, visibility, and edit rights. There are four main roles for ECGrid Customer users:

All ECGrid Customers

MailboxUser: This role essentially provides a read-only set of capabilities on the portal and cannot add/edit/invite users but has limited management capabilities for a single mailbox. For Resellers, this is most likely the role you will want to grant to your customers/contractors when you give them individual mailbox access.

MailboxAdmin: This role can add/edit/delete IDs, partnerships, and users for a given mailbox. This is the default role for legacy Hubbub users.

ECGrid Resellers

NetworkUser: This role is used by our resellers and their Operations teams to search transactions across all mailboxes on a network. This is a limited role for internal employees.

NetworkAdmin: This role has full access to customizing the portal, sending notifications, adding/editing users, resending files, and full management of all mailboxes for their customer organizations or trading partners.

As NetworkAdmin or MailboxAdmin, you can change the access level for a user at any time. This is done by going to Users under Management, choosing the User you want to update, then clicking Edit. You can then change the Authorization Level for that User under Access Information.