** .PDF attached below for those who wish to download this information.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Target AS2 Certificates through Loren Data ECGrid Expiring 


If you connect to Target using an ECGrid AS2 connection and you haven’t already updated the TARGET_LORENDATA certificate, please read the following information and complete the 2 action items at your earliest convenience. 


Note: Please disregard this message if a) You have already updated the certificate; or b) You do not connect to ECGrid using AS2 from your on-premise software. 


  • Vendors affected        Vendors who connect to Target through ECGrid AS2 directly 

    (If using a 3rd Party service provider, verify with them whether applicable and         completed) 

  • AS2 ID involved            TARGET_LORENDATA 

  • AS2 URL involved        targetas2.ld.com 

  • Expiration Date            May 8, 2022 

  • Change Date            Before May 1st, 2022, at your earliest convenience 

  • Cert Serial numbers        01 - EXPIRING 

01D205 - EXPIRING 


Loren Data’s innovative and robust AS2 platform allows for the current and new certificate to run in parallel until the new one has been successfully tested. This means you can download, install, and send a test with the new certificate at your convenience, without disrupting your production data flow. Once you send a successful test or production file using the new certificate, you will automatically be switched over on our network and your transition will be complete.  


CRITICAL NOTE: Please ensure you are prepared to begin using the new certificate immediately, when preparing to send the test file. Once the ECGrid network receives a successful file from your network, it automatically changes your profile and begins using the new certificate. 


This also means you do not have to contact or schedule this change with Loren Data’s NetOps Team! You simply have to complete and test the change before our recommended date of May 1st. 


First Action Item: Download and install new certificate 


There are multiple ways you can download this certificate: 


    1. Loren Data will be sending you multiple notifications via email and your ECGrid Portal with the new certificate attached. You can download the new certificate from any of these communications. You can also download it here:


    2.     You can navigate to the new certificate on your ECGrid Portal site, by going to Mailbox/Connection/AS2 and clicking on the bottom certificate, with an expiration date of 05/08/25 and serial number of 01D206:





Second Action Item: Testing 


Once you send a successful file to the new certificate, whether test or production, ECGrid’s AS2 Server will automatically update your AS2 profile to the new certificate. You can either send a normal production file to one of Target’s EDI IDs or you can send any file to ZZ*ECGRIDTESTP to activate the new certificate, but you MUST send at least 1 file. 


If your system requires an inbound test, you can send one from your ECGrid Portal site by going to Mailboxes/Connection/AS2. Towards the bottom of the page, you’ll find “Test AS2 Connection”. You want to navigate to the “Test AS2 Receive” section. Then choose the receiving EDI ID from Step 2 and Testing File Type from Step 3 and click “Test AS2 Receive”.  A test file will be sent to your AS2 server from Loren Data. 




**As a reminder, once our network receives a successful test or file from your AS2 server, we immediately and automatically update your profile to the new certificate on our end and your change is complete!