As Loren Data transitions to exclusively support encrypted protocol communications, we have several options available, all of which can be done by your team. This modification should not require any changes in your EDI software or impact on your production service. However, you will need to address your communications software or scripting.  

If you use any connection method besides FTP, including SFTP or FTPS, there is no action item for you. 

If you are currently using FTP without encryption to connect to ECGrid, the server information being retired is configured as follows. 

FTP (being retired) OR

Port 21


To change your connection to support encryption, you have three available options to modify your existing translator communications or scripting: 


  1. SFTP
  2. FTPS Implicit SSL
  3. FTPS Explicit SSL


No changes are required to your Username or Password; only a change to the file protocol you send through and potentially the URL and/or port. PLEASE NOTE: If you are selecting SFTP, you may need to work with your IT team to ensure the port is open. Your existing port and firewall configuration should work without issue with our two FTPS options.


Our recommendation:



Port 22 


If you choose to connect via FTPS, your communications software or translator software may require you to toggle your connection to support either “Explicit” SSL or “Implicit” SSL. ECGrid supports both options. 


FTPS (Explicit) OR

Port 21 


FTPS (Implicit) OR

Port 990