In Simplify, you have the ability to add lookup tables a validation rules or in the map itself.  To edit the lookup table, you can access the tables from the menu option to the left.

As resellers, you can setup lookup tables that might be common for all your customers to use or you can setup lookup tables on each individual customer account.

To add a lookup table, select the +Add Lookup Table button the upper right corner.

Give the lookup table a meaningful name.  You can select whether the entries are case sensitive or not.

After the lookup table is created, you need to click on the 3 dots on the right side.  This will display some options.

Edit: This allows you to edit the name of the lookup table

Configure: This allows you to enter values in the lookup table

Delete: This removes the lookup table completely

After clicking on configure, you are brought to the contents of the lookup table.  From here, you have 3 options:

Import: You can import in a CSV file to populate the table.  This needs to have 3 columns and we recommend these be quote wrapped.

Download: This allows you to download the current lookup table.

Add Lookup Value: This allows you to manually add a lookup value to the table.  

**NOTE** you can also maintain this lookup table via an API call.

The table consists of 4 columns:

The Name column is the input value from the data file.  

The Value column is the output or return value that will be in the Destination file of the map.

The Description column is just an option field to add more context to the value.

The Default Value column allows you to set a default value in the lookup table.  If you mark the lookup table as required on a validation rule (meaning that a Name value must be present in the table), then you can designate a default value to be returned if the lookup value is not in the table.