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You can only catch and modify a field value if you set a validation rule on that field to evaluate during the processing.  If you need to modify a field value that doesn't have a validation rule set, then you need to download the file, modify the value and re-upload the document via the portal.

Download the File

First, you need to search for the document you want to modify.  Go to Flow Activities in the left menu.  This screen shows all the documents processed in and out of the system.

Click on the Filter button and put in the identifying number (PO number, invoice number, etc...).  If you don't have that, you can search by using the other parameters in the filter box.

Once you find your document, click the down arrow to expand out the processing steps.  One the first step, click the 3 dots to the right and select "Detail".

This will open a window on the right side where you can view the source document.  You can click the black "Download" button on this page.  Note: if you check the "XML View" box, you will see the data nicely parse and how the data lines up with the document definition.  You do not need to click this view, but it is a helpful tool for seeing the data.

After downloading the source file, open the file in a text editor and manually change the desired value.  After saving the new value, go back to the Flow Activities screen and manually upload the document.

Manually Uploading a Document

There are many instances that you will want to manually upload a document into Simplify such as you need to test a map change or you need to manually send out a document.  Follow the below steps to manually upload the document.  This will require you to know what flow is supposed to run and that the flow is enabled.  Please watch the video on flows if you are unfamiliar.

On the Flow Activities screen, click on the "Upload File" button in the top right corner.

On the upload screen, you need to recreate the flow that received this file the first time. 

Only select the "Internal Testing" box if you want to process the document but don't want it sent out to the action point in the Flow.