The Windows Service Application is a lightweight application that monitors a directory to download available files and automatically upload files to be processed by Simplify.

Setup a Connector for the Windows Service.  Please view the tutorial for how to setup a Connector here.

Log into your Simplify account and navigate to the My Connections menu option on the left.

Find the Windows Service and click the 3 dots and select Config.

Once that is setup, download the zip file, if it didn't automatically download.

Extract the file and run the MSI.

Click on More Info on screen.

Then click on "Run anyway"

Click Next

Accept the terms and conditions and then Next.

This first directory is where the application will be installed.

The next window will be the directory of which you want to drop off and pick up files for Simplify.  It will list a default directory but you can change it by browsing to a different location.  Make sure this location is one that any application or individual has the proper permissions that will interact with files going to and from Simplify.  If Simplify runs a map for an 850 to CSV that your backend system needs to pick up to import the purchase order, then you will want this location to be on a server that your backend system can pick up the file.   

After the installation is complete, there will be 2 folders in that "Save" location.

Download will be the directory that Simplify will push files to your server.  If you need to import orders, this is the location the file can be found to import into your backend system.

Upload will be the directory that outbound files will go to be picked up and processed by Simplify.  If you need to send invoices or ASNs to your trading partner, you will put the application files (CSV, XML, etc...) in this folder, then Simplify will pick up the file and map it to the required outbound document.  

Within the Upload directory, there are 2 additional directories.

  • ErrorFiles - if there is an error trying to post to our API layer, the application will put the error documents in this folder.
  • Processed - After the file is successfully posted to our API service, then it will move it to that folder with a time stamp.

There is an application that will log every time a file is uploaded or downloaded as well.