These are step by step instructions to Create Custom app and Connect to ECGrid Simplify Connector:

In Shopify Store - note your * URL (I)

      1. Go to Settings

      2. Choose "Apps and sales channels"

      3. Click "Develop App"

      4. Enable Develop apps (Custom/private app) (skip this step if you've already enabled Develop apps)

            a. Click "Allow custom app development" twice

            => Customer app available

      5. Create app

            a. Click "Create an app"

            b. Choose an app name, click "Create App

      6. Add "Admin API access scopes"

            c. Choose "Configuration" tab

            d. In "Admin API integration", click "Configure"

            e. Choose "Admin API access scopes" (the list is below), click "Save"

      7. Install app

            f. Choose "API credentials" tab

            g. Click "Install app", then click "Install"

            h. In "Admin API access token", click "Reveal token once"

            i. Copy and save your Admin API access token in a secure place. because it just reveal once (II)

            j. In "API key and secret key", reveal and save "API secret key" (III)

In Simplify website

      1. Login to customer

      2. Move to "My Connections" page

      3. Click "Add Connection" button

      4. Choose Shopify

      5. Input: Connect Name, Your * URL (I)

      6. Choose "Custom" check

      7. Input "Api Access Token" (II), Api Secret Key (III)

      8. Click Connect


Admin API access scopes include:








Here is a video showing the steps to setup the integration.