Simplify have system partners.  These partners allow us to set default delimiters and EDI qualifiers and IDs.  We can also create trading partner specific maps for certain back-end systems.  These custom trading partner maps are setup on the trading partner profiles.  This would allow our customers to automatically bring in trading partner approved mappings for specific file definitions or back-end systems.

For example, we would setup a custom map between the 850 version 4010 and our Simplify Purchase Order XML definition for Partner 1.  Customer A then sets up a flow with a trigger of the 850 version 4010 and action of Simplify Purchase Order XML.  Once Customer A adds Partner 1, the system will automatically pull in Partner 1's customized map with their specifications.

If you can't find a system partner, customers with a reseller/dev account, can setup their own trading partners.  These are custom to your reseller account and all of your customers will have access to them and the maps you create.

To setup a new trading partner, click on the "System Partners" option on the left menu.

On this page, you can search for existing partners or creating a new one. Click on Add new partner.

A form will open for you to add your trading partner information.

Field Definitions

Display Name: The visible and searchable name of the trading partner.

Email: This is the "login" email for the trading partner.  When adding a new trading partner, it creates a new account.  If you know the support or generic email address of the trading partner, please enter it.  This email address will not be contacted or emailed.  This is just for security purposes for the system.  If you do not have one, then just enter the trading partner name with @mailinator at the end.  Ex:

Integration Key: this is the default identifying value for the trading partner in the system.  Just use the EDI ID or their name with no spaces.

Password: This goes with the email address and is for security purposes.  Just put in a password.  You won't need to remember the password later.

Click save once all the fields are filled in. 

To set the default EDI configurations for the partner, search for the partner in System Partners screen, click on the 3 dots and select "Login as Partner".

Once on the trading partner account, expand the Advance Config menu option and select Edi Configuations.

When on that screen, select Add Configuration

A form will open and you can add the default information for the trading partner.

If you want to configure a custom map for the trading partner to be re-used for customers, you will want to do this on the map screen.  Click Map on the left menu and search for your desired map.  Click on the 3 dots and select Config.

Once in the mapping UI, you will want to click on "Clone" to make a copy of the system map.  This clone map now belongs to the trading partner/reseller.  Any of your customers that setup the trading partner, will automaticallyly use this map.