ECGrid Support – Ticketing FAQs



ECGrid Support utilizes Freshdesk for managing Customer tickets. All tickets are tracked, managed, and audited to ensure timeliness and efficiency in responding to your tickets.


Here are some helpful tips and FAQs to know when submitting a ticket to ECGrid Support:


Q: How can I submit a ticket?

A new ticket can be created at or by sending an email to


Q: In what delay should I expect an answer from ECGrid Support after submitting a ticket?

Support strives to address all tickets on the same business day and provides the following official SLAs:

  1. Low Priority: 24 hours
  2. Medium Priority: 12 hours
  3. High Priority: 6 hours
  4. Urgent Priority: 2 hours (Used only in cases of being production down)


Q: What information should I include in my email to Support?

The information you provide is crucial to a quick and timely resolution.

  1. The more information you provide Support about your question or issue, the easier they can troubleshoot and resolve your ticket.
  2. At a minimum, please provide all relevant EDI IDs, date/time, and Interchange Control numbers.


Q: How will I know that my ticket has been received?

You will receive automated notices when you create a ticket, when a ticket is updated, and when a ticket is resolved.


Q: Can I come back to a ticket with another question once it’s been resolved?

Once ECGrid Support has resolved your ticket, you have 5 days to respond before the ticket is updated to Closed. 

  1. Once a ticket is closed, it cannot be reopened.
  2. If you want to reopen a ticket or reference back to a ticket, you must open a new email and reference the previous ticket number.




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